Alexandra Georgi

Since the age of 15 I have been a part of the Punk-Rock and counter-culture scene but first and foremost I am compelled by the film medium.
With a Master’s degree in German literature, film theory and philosophy I bring a wide range of knowledge to my projects. I also have long-term experience as a producer and assistant producer for various German and International Production Companies.

I am also a founding member and long time board member of Women in Film and Television Germany (WIFTG), launched in 2005.

Image: Ben Glitschka


Docudrama Adenauer/Goldmann

With Calgary-based author and producer Christopher Leeson I am currently work on financing the documentary drama THE CONVERSATION.

Alarmstufe Paul

In September the concept for the children's series "ALARMSTUFE PAUL" that was developed in corporation with the writing team Judith Ariane Kaufmann and Florian Schwebel was invited to the preselection of the program “Formate aus Thüringen”.

Projects for Lopta Film

In addition to my freelance work for Propellerfilm GmbH, I have been started working project-related for the company Lopta Film as also with the director Christine Boock!

Android Dreams Film

Béla Balázs saw developing film as the process of revealing humanity. Mimicry and gesture were the basis of human language; our physical expression of inner experience, transcending rational thought. They allow us to make our souls visible by projecting them into the outer world. Thus cinema returns modern man’s lost ability of bodily expression.

The film medium is concerned with visualizing the human soul and so are we, remaining true to Philip K. Dick’s cyber-ontological motto; “More human than human.” Android Dreams Film makes passionate projects reality. Our projects speak to the mind and gut, crossing geographical and mental borders to tell stories of human spirit and desire.

In Development

Alarmstufe Paul (WT)

"What Sherlock means to London's police is 11-year-old Paul for the fire department in the loneliest village in the world. Paul makes the world safer, whether she likes it or not. "

Concept for a 13x 26min live-action series for children from 6-9 years

Book: Judith Ariane Kleinschmidt and
Florian Schwebel
Idea: Alexandra Georgi

The Conversation


Writer & Director: Christopher Leeson

in co-production with Rarebird Productions, UK / CA

Turncoat Warrior

Documentary, developed with Propeller Film GmbH

Concept & Director: Alexandra Georgi

Co-Director/ Editor: Cuini Amelio Ortiz

DOP: Merle Jothe


Bubbly Brains

2D Animationsseries for Kids from 6-9

Concept: Esther Kaufmann

Count in the dark to three

Feature / Family Entertainment

Writer: Florian Schwebel

The Ghost With A Hammer In His Hand

Feature / Family Entertainment

Writer: Christopher Rubino


Alexandra Elisabeth Georgi
Sonnenallee 77
12045 Berlin

Phone +49.030.24378485